Sari (shirenu) wrote in nacchilove,

Well, I thought it was time to make some kind of a short survey each member here could fill and post as sort of an introduction, if they feel like it. XD

Empty version:


[Favourite (current) Morning Musume member]
[Favourite graduated Morning Musume member]
[Favourite H!P member (other than Morning Musume or graduated)]

[Favourite Morning Musume song (or Top 5, haha)]
[Favourite Natsumi Abe song]
[The reason(s) why you like Nacchi]

[Anything else?]

[Name] Sari
[Age] 19
[Location] Oulu, Finland

[Favourite (current) Morning Musume member] Risa Niigaki (and Miki Fujimoto)
[Favourite graduated Morning Musume member] Natsumi Abe ;)
[Favourite H!P member (other than Morning Musume or graduated)] Umm... Megumi Murakami (H!P kids) or Yui Okada (Vi-yu-den)... Maybe Aya Matsuura. I don't know ^^;;

[Favourite Morning Musume song (or Top 5)] Erm... Do It!Now, Manatsu no kousen, Summer Night Town, Shabondama and... Chotto ikashita Pure Boy at the moment. Hehe.
[Favourite Natsumi Abe song] Toumorokoshi to kara to kaze and Koi ni Jealousy moushiagemasu
[The reason(s) why you like Nacchi] Trying hard not to make this too long... I'm a fangirl, k! ;_;
She makes me happy. Whenever I see her smile I have to smile back at her, which is why you can see me grin like an idiot in front of my computer, haha. She's the most adorable girl (or should I say woman) I've ever seen - she's so cute and sweet she gives me a toothache. Her sense of humour (what I can understand about it) is kind of dorky, which I can identify with, haha... And then there's her voice. While she's not the strongest singer out there, there's this warmth in her voice that makes me also feel warm inside, and her voice has the feeling of "home" to me... It sounds kind of silly, but hearing her sing or watching a video knowing that Nacchi is there calms me down, especially now after the 2-month-long hiatus. ^^;; Nacchi is very special to me. ♥

[Anything else?] Erm... No? Not right now.


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