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Acchi Kocchi Nacchi!

The Beautiful Natsumi Abe!

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明日は泣かない もう泣かない
最後にするのよ この涙
ねえ 晴れ 通り雨 のち スキ
スキ スキ スキ

Acchi Kocchi Nacchi??


and welcome to a community dedicated to Natsumi Abe! Feel free to take a look around. Anyone who loves or likes Nacchi is welcome to join. :)

The Rules

1. Be nice and respect other people and their opinions (unless they are hatin')! This is a LOVING community. :D
2. No bashing of any Hello!Project member is allowed.
3. Large pictures and long pieces of text should be placed behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to ljcut, ask e.g. me, shirenu before posting. DON'T post first and then ask help. :)
4. Have fun!

About Nacchi!

[Name] Natsumi Abe
[Nicknames] Nacchi/Nacci
[Birthday] August 10th 1981
[How do we know her?]
Natsumi Abe was one of the five original members of a Japanese pop group called Morning Musume. In January 2004 she graduated from the group and is now continuing a solo career in Hello!Project. She has also starred in various dramas, hosted tv shows (Hello!Morning, Zeruma, Enta!Mitamongachi) and is pretty much an all-round entertainer.
[What is Acchi Kocchi Nacchi?!]
I don't actually know, haha. I guess it was sort of a character that Nacchi had while still hosting Zeruma, but if someone has a better explanation for it, let me know. ;)

What to post?

Basically anything concerning Nacchi is welcome! Feel free to post news, random thoughts, pictures, opinions... Anything! Opinions about her time in Morning Musume and any groups she is in/has been in are welcome as well.

Introduction posts are welcome, but please tell something about yourself! Name, age, location, the reason you joined and such. :)

The maintainer of this community is me, shirenu, so turn to me if you have any questions!

For more Hello! Project and Nacchi fun, visit JPH!P.com, especially:
The Official Nacchi Thread
The Official Nacchi Picture Thread
and the Tracker!

Feel free to fill and post the following survey as an introduction post!


[Favourite (current) Morning Musume member]
[Favourite graduated Morning Musume member]
[Favourite H!P member (other than Morning Musume or graduated)]

[Favourite Morning Musume song (or Top 5, haha)]
[Favourite Natsumi Abe song]
[The reason(s) why you like Nacchi]

[Anything else?]